Farming Futures Conference 2015: links to the presentations


The conference presentations are listed with links below with authors' permission. As others become available we will add them to this blog

1) Keynote address Global Food Supply Chains – the challenges By Dr Marie de Lattre-Gasquet, Senior Foresight Scientist, CGIAR Consortium & Cirad

2) Principles of supply chain innovation by Professor Jan Godsell, University of Warwick

3) Innovate UK: the UK's Innovation Agency, Calum Murray, Programme Leader Agrifood

4) Developing links within the McDonald’s Supply Chain by Nina Prichard, Agriculture Manager, McDonald’s UK

5) Efficient Food Chains: It’s all down to policy by Dr Sean Rickard

6) Future scenarios for food by Dr Kate Bailey, Accelerated Improvement Ltd

7) Assumptions are the mother of all **** ups! A step change through consumer-centric, evidence-based decision-making by Professor Andrew Fearne, University of East Anglia

8) Agri-Tech Innovation Centre - A data hub for Agri-Food by Professor John Crawford, Rothamsted Research

9) Data driven decision making for improved product quality by Steven Morrison, Agri-Food and Bioscience Institute (of Northern Ireland)

10) A supply chain protocol for a leading wholegrain breakfast cereal by Rob Hiles, Commercial Director and Board Member at Gleadell Agriculture Ltd

11) Delivering Profitable and Environmentally Sound Farming by Dr John Gilliland OBE, Director, Devenish Nutrition

12) The global context – Future options for UK agri-food value chains by Professor Constantin Blome, University of Sussex

13) Oats – adding value through the supply chain by Chris Green, Senova

14) An innovative direct, dairy supply-chain by Paul Dawson, Farmer Dawsons

17) Using sustainability as the compass to navigate the farming system of the future by Sally Uren, CEO, Forum for the Future