Survey launched to address renewable energy confusion


A new survey called ‘Renewable Energy: What do you need to know?’ has been launched to identify what information farmers and landowners need to help overcome the confusion surrounding investing in renewable energy. The survey, being run by the CleanTech division of PR consultancy CCgroup, aims to establish what information is needed to help more farmers and landowners diversify their income and contribute to the UK’s clean energy mix with renewable energy.

Research by Energy Now in January revealed that 42 per cent of farmers and landowners were confused about the current renewable energy options available. This is despite 95 per cent of farmers and landowners believing renewable energy will be vital to the future of farming.

Further research from RenewableUK shows that farmers who invest in renewables earn between £12,000 and £50,000 more each year than those without renewables.

CCgroup's survey will identify what information farmers and landowners want and how renewable energy companies can provide this in a way that makes it simple for farmers to invest.

“We’ve launched this survey to improve the quality and delivery of renewable energy information being provided to farmers and landowners. Renewable energy offers a fantastic opportunity for country businesses to diversify income, cut cost, increase profits and do the right thing for the environment.” said Charlotte Webster, Head of CleanTech at CCgroup. “Last year we demonstrated that the UK’s national media does not give renewable energy a fair hearing. But it’s also clear that much of the information being provided to farmers and landowners by businesses is making it difficult to understand how to capitalise on the renewables opportunity. By conducting this survey we are hoping to establish how renewable energy organisations can communicate more effectively and help the countryside switch to clean energy.”

The survey ‘Renewable Energy: What do you need to know?’ begins on Monday the 18th of March 2013.

Participants can complete the survey by visiting:

Up to £100.00 worth of Adnams beer is up for grabs to participants. Winners will be selected at random.

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