HGCA Agronomists’ Conference

Tue, 11/12/2012

The HGCA Agronomists’ Conference 2012 will explore the latest advances in agronomy to help cereal and oilseed agronomists maximise client yield and quality in 2013.

This full-day technical conference focuses on recent developments from HGCA’s research programme and aims to help agronomists gain a wider understanding of current issues and solutions. The annual event, which this year takes place at Peterborough Arena, will also provide excellent opportunities to network and question leading agronomy experts.

Chaired by HGCA R&D Committee Member John Humphreys, the event will look at how agronomic practice can be modified to help realise varietal yield potential and help hit quality targets.

Included in the programme:
· A first analysis of HGCA’s independent fungicide performance trials
· Understanding the impact of head blight on mycotoxin levels in 2012 and how lessons learned from this challenging year could be used to better manage grain quality in 2013
· Nutrient management, under the HGCA partnership with Catchment Sensitive Farming, with presentations covering the precision application of nitrogen fertiliser, the need for micronutrient applications in wheat and how nutrient content from organic sources can be determined using new software (MANNER-NPK)
· Current profit margin pressures – focusing on input cost, yield and price, presented by AHDB-HGCA Senior Analyst Jack Watts
· The potential implication of default regional greenhouse gas emission values for biofuel crops on the grain trade
· Papers on saddle gall midge and pollen beetle monitoring and control Attendance costs £45 (including conference papers, lunch, refreshments and VAT).

For further information, or to book a place, visit www.hgca.com/events, email events@hgca.com or call 024 7647 8724.

BASIS and NRoSO points are available for attendance.