The role of agricultural technologies in delivering food supply-chain resilience, Farming Futures Conference

Wed, 22/01/2014 - Thu, 23/01/2014

Start time 13:30pm 22/1, Finish 13:30 23/1 Manor Hotel, Meriden, 127 Main Rd, Meriden, Coventry, West Midlands CV7 7NH

There are increasing challenges to the consistent production of high quality food at a national and global level. Volatile markets struggle to satisfy a growing demand for food under economic, regulatory, climate change and environmental pressures. This conference will provide a unique forum for our industry, policy and research communities to explore together the role of new and existing technologies in the sustainable, efficient production of food.

Resilience is the capacity of a system to experience shocks whilst retaining essentially the same function, structure, feedbacks, and therefore identity. Through their ability to recover, resilient systems enable the maintenance of natural capital and bring continuity in the efficient allocation of resources.

Session 1 Challenges demanding increased resilience
1.1 Extreme weather and climate change trends
1.2 Global food market trends
1.3 Human health and nutrition, the brink of starvation
1.4 Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction event with consequential loss of food, will bees join Aurochs and Dodos?

Session 2, Technologies to aid resilience
2.1 How does digital technology including big data, smart phones and internet applications help resilient agri-food supply-chains?
2.2 What are the emerging trends and technologies in crop and livestock breeding to address consistent productivity (stress tolerance, disease resilience etc, climate adaptation, nutritional changes)?
2.3 What new engineering technologies (precision farming, robotics satellites) will do to increase resilience

Session 3, Industry solutions
3.1 Waste and carbon reduction strategies
3.2 Supply chain problems from a retailer perspective and from a producer perspective
3.3 Technologies making a difference now

Session 4, potential solutions from new research and emerging technologies
4.1 Speakers from the 6 institutes, short talks – PIGIS (AFBI) and others,
4.2 Panel Q&A with questions from the floor

More details, booking etc to follow