Soil Health; A Living Perspective, Berkshire

Tue, 21/03/2017

Optimising Soil Management for Productivity

(6 BASIS points; 2E, 1GM, 3N)

with Joel Williams, Tuesday 21st March

Sheepdrove Organic Farm Eco-Conference Centre, Sheepdrove Road,
Lambourn, Berkshire, RG17 7UU

This event is a comprehensive full day presentation, suitable for commercial farmers including but not restricted to organic producers.  It is also relevant for those concerned with home/community production.

Joel's cv is impressive and extensive (see his profile for greater detail), but in short, after focussing more strongly on soil chemistry and nutrient balancing in Australia he worked with Elaine Ingham at Laverstoke in the UK, inverting the emphasis and focussing more strongly on optimising the soil biology with a reduced weighting to mineral management. Now he tends to take a middle road but is happy to deliver on whichever side the audience requires. He is particularly interested in the links between nutrition and pest and disease pressure, and how nutrient corrections when supplemented with biological protection can be used to manage insect and disease problems. After some time back in Australia, we are fortunate that he has now returned to England again.

Joel was recommended to us by one of our farmers in the south-west a few years ago and and has proved popular since, with AHDB and other organisations frequently commissioning him to do shorter presentations for their audiences.  Participants attending both have commented that this workshop was a good foundation for the Stewarding Your Soil course, which provides more practical elements related to making good compost and using microscopes; we intend to run more of these or something somewhat similar later in the year.

For more details please contact: Natasha: 07866 674205 or email