Farming and agriculture are hitting the
headlines more and more.  Never before have so many people been interested in where their food comes from and how it is produced. Add to this the increasing pressure on farmers, growers and land managers to increase yields, reduce emissions and meet exacting health and welfare standards and you can understand why it’s harder than ever to turn a profit and manage the pressure. 

The economic and political incentives for taking action have never been greater. In February 2010 38% of all farmers surveyed in England as part of this project said they were already affected by climate change and nearly 60% expect to be affected in the next ten years. Farming Futures can help you prepare for the impacts of climate change and find the opportunities for your business. A great place to start looking for information is our library of factsheets. Factsheets 1-4 are a great introduction to what climate change is, how it will affect agriculture and how you can prepare and respond. 

We have lots of resources to help inspire, inform and guide you through the opportunities, risks and responsibilities of climate change:


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