Did you know that 51% of vegetable and
potato growers say they are experiencing the effects of climate change now and nearly 62% say they expect to feel it in the next ten years?

Water resources are going to be an increasingly important issue for potato growers in the next decade. With hotter, drier summers and warmer, wetter winters projected, you will need to adapt. Being more efficient about water will be crucial, as well as collecting and storing rainwater in the winter when it’s more abundant. See potato and water management factsheets for more information.

All farmers and growers can explore the potential for renewable energy generation. See our Renewables section for more information.

The great news is that nearly half of vegetable and potato growers say they are taking action to adapt to the changing climate And 43% report that they are doing something to reduce GHG emissions from their farm.

Are you part of the growing community that are taking action?

We’ve listed all the fact sheets and case studies we feel would be most relevant to your work below.  You can see a full list of our resources here and it may also be useful for you to use our Interactive UK map to get up to date information and advice for your region.

Read our potato factsheet by clicking here.

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Potatoes - Case Studies

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As climate change bites over the next few decades, water resources will become an increasingly big issue for farmers and land managers in the UK....